Declination North Strategy Practice

While strategy may not be a new concept, the approach we take certainly might be.  Here are Declination North, we seek to simplify strategy and empower individuals to lead through these strategic needs on their own.  We break strategy into four major areas (Planning, Growth, Thought, and Teams). 

introduction to Strategy Practice

Welcome to the Declination North strategy practice... a model for walking through the development of a strategy that’s simple, easy to translate, and finally useful!

Vision Articulation

What if you could place a tool in the hands of your team and your board to not only articulate the vision but also to prepare them to do the same?


What if you could capture the major objectives of your vision into a few simple major initiatives to keep your team focused on the end goal?

Annual Plan

What if you had a quarter by quarter annual plan to map the major milestones for executing your vision?

Team Plan

Finding it difficult to use a clunky job description?  This stage helps build a team job description to effectively equip your team to achieve the vision.

Wrap Up

What if you did have a clear strategy with every stage of your team engaging and knowing that vision?