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“I highly recommend Will Rogers to anyone seeking creative, innovative thinking.  His passion for excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to achieving results have been personal hallmarks that he has consistently exhibited for as long as I have known him.  His unwavering character and integrity combine to make Will an invaluable resource.”

Bill Greer, Ph.D., President, Milligan College

“Will has the uncanny ability to take the thorny workings of our organization and create definition, structure, and clarity. Watching him draw together the frays of our inefficiency into a masterful fabric of effectiveness has been invaluable to our staff. On top of it all, his warmth and personal touch allows him to connect deeply with those he instructs.”

Paul Brunner, Flatirons Church, Executive Pastor, Boulder, Colorado

"I have worked with Will Rogers on a number of projects in the past five years, including Focus on the Family's The Truth Project where I served as the lead from concept to roll-out.  At every turn, Will's gifted and unique approach to strategic challenges and opportunities have resulted in exceptional outcomes. Will is one of the most gifted young leaders I know, and I continue to depend on his insight and energy.”

Marc Fey, Executive Director, Focus on the Family’s Truth Project / Director, Church DNA

“Declination North has been an integral resource for our progress. Will and Ryan are a rare mix of professionalism, humility, and talent! These qualities breed excellence and are making us more effective in all we do. These guys have had a remarkable adeptness in peering into our organization and pinpointing improvement areas. More importantly, they have assisted in developing processes to sharpen these chunks of SWAT. As we develop strategies for years to come, we are excited about extending our relationship with Declination North.”

Brad Kinney, SWAT Ministries, Director of Operations

“Will is extremely gifted in taking the big picture and breaking it down into strategic, well-defined goals. He has a natural ability to work through the concepts and outline practical priorities. He is organized, thorough, able to think outside the box, well-spoken, and efficient.”

Matt Henry, eDocAmerica, VP Client Relations

“We came to Will with a multi-million dollar expansion project. He carefully analyzed our current strengths and weakness. He helped us identify what the challenges would be. He showed us what questions we needed to be asking. And most importantly, he walked beside us to develop a strategic plan of how we could get there. His attention to detail and his passion for excellence made him an invaluable part of the success we're now experiencing.”

Kyle Idleman, Teaching Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

“When Will Rogers took over as the director of the Mi2 internship program it was little more than an extended short-term missions trip from our church.  With Will’s hard work and innovation he has quickly taken it to among the top missions internship experiences available. His strategic mind, creative problem solving and ability to create incredibly useful organizational tools helped establish in a year, what would have taken several years without his expertise. I have never met anyone that has such a vast skill set, tireless work ethic, and the ability to work so well within a team.  Will is an irreplaceable part of the Mi2 Internship program.”  

Ben Thornley, Southeast Christian Missions Partnership Director, Mi2 Co-Director

“I personally have worked with Will Rogers and Declination North. He is one of the best strategic thinkers I have been able to work with. He helped design our I-52 project to better develop the internship we offer at Southeast Christian church. Will has the unique ability to take broad concepts and turn them into achievable steps. He worked with a team of people to help develop the marketing, brand identification and total scope of leadership development for our interns. I love Will's passion for people, execution of planning and knowledge current technology to develop an strategic approach to our I-52 project.”

Brett DeYoung, Southeast Vision Team Member, Adult Groups

“Will is an innovative and energetic young man.  He balances a professional approach to any project with creative thinking that is refreshing and helpful.  He wanted to understand our organizational culture as well as handling the details of the tasks.  In that way Will is good at the “big picture” as well as helping find the right tools to “paint each part of the picture.”

Chris Leland, Ph.D., President, Focus on the Family Institute

“The quality and impact of the Global Health Missions Conference has exponentially increased under Will’s leadership. Not only has he brought innovative concepts, but he has artfully gathered the ideas of the many organizational leaders involved and woven them into a tapestry of effective ministry. He is an unusual synthesis of a visionary and net worker who with boundless energy and patience can manage people and projects down to the smallest detail. It is a talent mixture that insures success.”

David Stevens, MD, CEO, Christian Medical & Dental Association

Will has the unique ability to engage a group and facilitate a discussion without needing to be the center of the conversation. My team was quickly at ease and trusted him in this process. He led us through initiatives that generated great insight and ideas, but he quickly assesses as he works and is flexible with the tools prepared on order to best serve the group. Will knows how and when to serve as a guide and when to step back and let the group own the process. I am impressed with his insight, flexibility, gifted leadership, and strategic outlook that can still focus on a specific issue. At his core is a desire to equip others to effectively live out their calling.

Amy Barnett, Director of Admissions, Taylor University

"I know Will professionally and personally and appreciate his ability to quickly understand people, needs and potential solutions, then lead them to implementation that works. He does what he says he will do."

Jim Headlee, Founder, Summit Energy

“International endeavors of Will’s activity is highly regarded and appreciated. His creative questions makes us to re-think projects. His care for people is culturally sensitive, always contextualized. Beside that it is a lot of fun to be around him and PROeM Ministries will never stay the same since we meet will'ski.

Maly Dwulat, PROeM Ministries (Poland), Executive Director

“Every so often you encounter an individual whose personal drive and moral compass are so aligned that their direct affect upon you is transformative. Will Rogers is just such an individual. He bent his insight to my consulting practice in three varied contexts, across as many cultures and continents, allowing me to both simplify and improve the tools and processes I use to aid leaders of organizations. Will's strengths in analysis and process improvement (be it for product or service offerings) position him as a key asset and strategic thinker to be leveraged for growth! I whole-heartedly commend his work.”

Ken Lane, Summit Catalyst, Founder

“Will facilitated our two day officer retreat.  He was thorough in his preparation, utilized the time well, and helped us develop a strategic plan that has continued our explosive growth.  Will understands the importance of translating the big ideas that come from a brainstorming session into an actual plan that can be executed.  It is hard for me to imagine you could find a consultant that will better serve your organization.”

Darren Key, CFP, CEO, Christian Financial Resources

“Will was indispensable. In developing a large, ground-breaking international research project on family health, we needed help with early strategy development and creation of the right business plan. We turned to Will and he took to the task with intelligence and gusto. Even though our vision for the project was significant, he had us ask bigger questions to make certain we developed the right answers for the inevitable events that our project would face. In addition, he was great fun to work with.”

Glenn T Stanton, Director World Map Project, Institute for Marriage and Family

“Will is a unique combination of organizational strategist and program development specialist. He can tackle business/organizational challenges with creativity and a sense of pragmatism that is rarely found in our sector. I cherish Will’s voice and vision.”

Justin Narducci, Director, Partnerships & Resources, Life in Abundance International

“Will Rogers is an innovative thinker with specific ability to put effective strategy to just about any idea.  Will can see the big picture and anticipate potential challenges in order to address them upfront.  He asks the right questions and guides discussion to yield results.  will is a high energy leader with an extremely high capacity to accomplish tasks.  will's expertise does not disappoint.”

Katie Porter, Director, Focus on the Family Orphan Care Initiative 

“Will is an incredible Innovations Director. He is detail oriented and people focused. He has unique talent in taking an organization from idea to execution giving the organization as well as each individual within every opportunity for success.”

Ryan Griffin, Director of Admissions, Focus on the Family Institute

“Will is a good man. By God's grace he is gifted with vision, drive, and an idealism that compels him to make everything and everyone around him better - and that they are because of him, and Him. Working with Will on a project is similar to having a star running back on your team. You know that all you have to do is your part as a team member and he will deliver. Thus far, I would not hesitate to recommend Will for any important work - particularly any effort that carries with it the weight eternal significance.”

Dan Burke, Circle Media, Executive Director

“Will is blessed with a mind for marketing and communications strategy. His work is well organized, thorough and provides spot on assessments of the situation. One of his most unique abilities is the way that he can take dozens or hundreds of seemingly unrelated data points and organize them into a logical framework for planning or strategy development purposes. He's excellent at taking all that varied input and bringing it together in a cohesive way. Not only is he talented and competent - he's a joy to work with. If you need solid marketing thinking, strategic planning or just have a wild hair of an idea, Will can help bring structure and sanity to the process of moving that project forward.”

Kent Evans, Summit Energy, Marketing

“Will is an excellent consultant and his work on The Truth Project: College Edition at Focus on the Family was top quality. He quickly understands the needs of the client, is thorough and accurate in his work, and his final report is outstanding. He is also great to work with personally and collaborates very well in a team setting. I highly recommend Will's work at Declination North.”

Shelby Chillion, Focus of the Family, Research

“Normally when you hire someone to facilitate your staff off-sites the "glow" wears off after one week. Not so with what Will provided for the Family Life Services staff a few months ago. We still are going back to his insights weeks later. His clear and detailed presentation of Strengths Finder to our team was one of the best I've seen. I highly recommend him- he is strategic, detailed and will help you get results.”

Julie Abel, CEO, Family Life Services

“Will is incredibly talented with great communicative and organizational skills. He is polite. flexible and easy to work with. Besides these great attributes, he accomplishes his goals!”

Al Weir, VP CMDA

“Will is strategic, efficient and innovative. He works to provide professional and clean products, as he sets out and achieves clear goals and objectives. He is a sure leader, approachable and inclusive of others. These qualities along with his energetic zeal for life in all its facets model for us all a life well lived. These encouraging features shared with others make him a valuable leader.”

Nathan Flora, Milligan College


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