Will Rogers began working on changing organizations for purposed strategies while in college as he served as the president of the study body (SGA) at Milligan College.  Following graduation, Will took a leadership position with Focus on the Family working with some the nation’s most talented college leaders in a leadership development program.  After the Focus Leadership Institute, Will moved to Florida to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Christian Financial Services assisting in developing strategy, marketing initiatives, and operational procedures.  Opportunities continued in the development of an international internship program for college students through various global partners.  In 2006 Will began working with the Global Missions Health Conference and has overseen it’s redesign, partnership strategies, and launch of the community website.  Will works with various other organizations to assist them in building strong paths for execution on a variety of field, projects, and continents. 


  1. Founder, Declination North

  2. Executive Director, Global Missions Health Conference

  3. Designer, Focus on the Family Global Exchange

  4. Board Member, PROeM Ministries (Poland)

  5. Director of Global Innovations, Focus on the Family

  6. Director, Mi2 Internship Program

  7. COO, Christian Financial Resources

  8. Director of Student Development, Focus on the Family Institute

  9. President, Student Government Association, Milligan College